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Venus Exalted Experience Bundle

Venus Exalted Experience Bundle

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Oracle 88 + Florentina Craft
music - art - remedy
a collaboration

Over lifetimes two souls incarnate; to breathe into the depths a healing exhale. Circling together Adey and Tatiana unite as blood sisters with a pact to make art during interesting times. Alchemystics transmusically dancing into being the remedy of our lives. 

Building up a portfolio of adventure, art, ritual, magick, poetry and friendship - A collaboration manifests, and three projects linking Adey's music and Tatiana's formulations are crafted.

Three album covers - a study of each song and three art projects created to correlate, with (North)Star, Phoenix and Prayer ~ on a shared path of mysticism.  

Included in the bundle:

  • The STAR TAROT project is featured as a tarot-postcard (t-shirts available separately). With the reminder that the Star tarot represents cyclical connection between what was and will be.
  • PHOENIX PERFUME a custom blend of all natural ingredients, inclusive of Bleeding Heart essence and Desert Datura essence to aid in burning off what holds you back from your self validated illumination.
  • PRAYER POTION is a cultivated remedy designed to relax your spine and allow your life force energy to rise and circulate open your hollow bone, fortifying your fluidity.
  • The MUSIC is delivered via a unique, limited edition USB card that fits in your wallet and makes the highest fidelity formats easy to play from your computer, phone and share with your friends.

**Small batch, super-limited - Get one for you and yours while supplies last.


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