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Venus Exalted EP.Vol2

Venus Exalted EP.Vol2

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Introducing Venus Exalted Ep.Vol2 ~ A Tribute to the Dearly Departed 

  1. Experience the transcendent beauty of Adey Bell's latest musical offering, Venus Exalted Ep.Vol2. Building upon the celestial soundscape of its predecessor, this enchanting EP is a heartfelt tribute to the dearly departed, weaving together ethereal melodies, intricate rhythms, and poignant lyricism.

Key Features:

  • Limited Edition USB Card: Venus Exalted Ep.Vol2 is exclusively available as a hard-copy USB Card for a limited time. This special card, designed to the size of a standard credit card, fits seamlessly in your wallet for easy access. With 8GB storage capacity, it not only stores the EP but also serves as a practical solution for extra file storage and transfers.

  • High-Fidelity Audio: Enjoy the music in its purest form with the highest quality WAV formats (MP3 also included). Whether you're seeking convenience or uncompromised audio quality, Venus Exalted Ep.Vol2 delivers an unparalleled listening experience.


  1. North Star
  2. Phoenix
  3. Prayer

Order Your Copy Today: Buy a handful! One for your Mum, one for your sister, and keep one on hand for that random encounter that needs the Medicine!

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