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Adey Bell

Divination - The Divine Masculine

Divination - The Divine Masculine

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Tarot Sessions For Kings, Warriors, Princes, and Wild Men

Brothers, beloveds, brave souls...

Believe it or not, over half of those who seek my luminous Tarot Card Oracle Sessions are men like you.

You may think divination is only for the ladies, yet I've found men crave these sacred sessions too. You are not alone, dear one. If the call of the cards resonates within you, I'm here.

What mysteries might we unravel together under the new moon's shine?

Are you burnt out by tired tales of what a man should be? Let's invoke the many archetypes living in you - Warrior, Magician, King. Through the Tarot's ancient art, discover who you are beyond roles and expectations.

Do you long to remove the masks, drop the guards? Feel truly seen and known? The cards reflect your soul, unveil your authentic being.

Open to the Tarot's feminine mysteries, awaken your intuition. Discover the power in softening, the vulnerability that reveals your strength.

Learn to relate to the divine feminine in all her forms - your anima, your lover, cycles of mothers and sisters. Attune to the seasons in a woman's soul - it aligns you to nature's rhythms.

Embrace the darkness during cold fallow seasons. Incubate potent dreams. The moon's pull stirs your imagination.

Brothers, through the Tarot's magick we'll reconnect you to your wildish nature. Your sensitivity cultivates wisdom. Your heart blooms, vision expands, spirit ignites. You'll shed false shells to uncover the real, the raw, the unapologetic divine masculine.

The cards' ancient resonance is calling. Heed their siren song - book your Oracle Session today.

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