Welcome to Wishcraft ✨🌑✨

Re-enchant the world~ with your guide, Adey Bell

A Moonthly Musical Odyssey wherein we use THREE tools for transformation:


The game of Wishcraft is based on the premise that we are all dreaming the world alive. Each Saturday closest to the New Moon, we explore being a conscious player awakening inside a complex, hilarious, brilliant, universal paradox. We are both the wave and the particle, the dream and the dreamer, the seeker and the sought. We are all dreaming the World awake.Join us

Ticket Options

*Please note; There are only 4 Live Reading tickets available per show - first-come-first-served! "In Person" tickets are for those of ya'll that are coming to the house (also super-limited). The "Season Pass" is an NFT that provides access to all shows & more!

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