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Adey Bell

UQ - 8 Week Deep Dive

UQ - 8 Week Deep Dive

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Weekly Sessions with Adey

A deep dive gives us WAY more access to healing and transformation!
+Get weekly/moonthly readings in a package

+UQ -The U stands for You,  the Q stands for Quality


Deepen your self respect and self knowing, further identify and honor your unique gifts in life, and bring the light of clarity to what you offer to the world.

In the early 1980’s, The U.Q. was created by two exotic dancers who were studying art and philosophy in Southern California. Within this energized environment the U.Q. was born. In 2011, U.Q. readings became available online. And now, in 2022 – The U.Q. joins The Oracle.

In our first session, we take a snapshot of 7 levels of your being, circumnavigating your ego, giving us insight into your true self at this moment in your life.

Then we dive into each stage, using divination to help us unpack how you want to integrate each level.  What unfurls is a fun, insightful and artistic process where you develop the courage to be fully embodied.

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